Casombie Welcome Bonus: Choose from Seven!

Casombie Bonus

Calling all flesh-walkers! Sick of feeling brain-dead at boring online casinos? Reanimate your gaming experience in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Shuffle over to Casombie and pick a zombie partner for your first flesh feast…

Meet the dismembers of the Casombie casino crew, each offering you their own unique starter jolt to an electrifying new gaming experience:

  1. Broker: This guy’s remaining brain juice has squeezed out the biggest bang for your buck for the bargain hunters amongst you: 200% up to €50 bonus
  2. Geek: A true gamer and lover of good tunes, but struggling to find earphones that fit no ears, this girl can help you score max gameplay: 10% up to €200 cashback
  3. Metalhead: His head-banging usually leads to head-rolling, this guy can’t get enough live-action but insists you can with 15% Undead Casino cashback
  4. Nurse: Tiny skirt, big smile, loves the living, this girl works wonders with her homebrewed concoction of good vibes: 100% up to €500 + 100 Free Spins
  5. Skateboarder: Always wowing with impressive stunts, occasionally popping off limbs, this guy stirs up excitement with his triple trick warmup: €1,000 in 3 bonuses
  6. Surfer: At home with the motion of the ocean, often mistaken for shark bait, this girl offers a wide-eyed welcome wave to fuel unmatched thrills: 50% up to €1,000 bonus
  7. Chef: Bringing zombie life with more bite, this guy knows how to rustle up a menu of mouth-watering meals and his taster is to die for: €1 deposit = 1 free spin


Step 2: Lock limbs into a button-pushing position and explore Immortals, Fresh Blood, Undead Casino and Toxic Games from many delicious developers

Grab your zombie partner, shuffle over to Casombie and sink your teeth into our Immortals, Fresh Blood, Undead Casino and Toxic Games for a truly reanimated online gaming experience.


Step 3: Brawl for Brains loyalty points in Brain Ring Tournaments, then eat brains swap them for cool stuff in the Dark Mall shop

The horde is waiting for you…

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